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Asha Bhosle & Amit Kumar

“75 Years of Asha”

The event, organized by Mumbai Beats with IACRF, a Non-Profit Organization, received an overwhelming attendance for “75 Years of Asha” live concert. Sold out audience in just 3 weeks attended historical and one of a kind Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix downtown. Phoenix was revived with this master piece concert after 10 years.

Amit Kumar captivated the audience with his superb renditions of popular Kishore Kumar’s songs. The audience could not contain themselves while listening to many oldies duet sung by Asha Bhosle and Amit Kumar. Young and old alike got out of their seats and made it through the aisles of the auditorium singing and dancing along. It was amazing to see the impact Bollywood had on the youngsters. Kids born and raised in the US were not just humming along but knew the lyrics to many songs and tried to keep up with Ashaji!

One could not help but marvel at the artist’s talent, her vocals and mastery over the art form.

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