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Shreya Ghoshal & Aatif Aslam


Another mega star concert with 40 musicians and Bollywood dancers brought to Phoenix in leading role by Mumbai Beats.

The evening started with a superb performance by young violinist, Mr. Deepak Pandit. The presentation set the stage as it filled the Symphony Hall auditorium with a positive energy and created the mood for the explosion that was to come. Bollywood dancers and Jankee Parekh then took over the stage in a scintillating number as a prelude to the main act and to energize the crowd. But the evening belonged to Shreya Ghoshal. From the moment she stepped on stage the crowd went wild. The climax of the night was award winning song from Devdas.

If the first half was geared to the audience engulfed to melodious songs, the second half definitely pleased the youngster member of the audience by Aatif Aslam. Aatif got the entire house on feet by singing his ever popular songs such as Aadat, Woh Lamhe, Tere Bin, Pehli Nazar Mein, Tera hone Laga Hoon, Tu Jaane Na, Meri Kahan and of course from his famous albums. Aatif lived to his promise to be one of the greatest performers.

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