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Sonu Nigam

“Explosion 2009”

The Phoenix cultural scene was witness to a musical explosion at the Symphony Hall. The Bollywood Musical Extravaganza organized by Mumbai Beats with IACRF, a Non-Profit Organization, was a smashing hit. The event held at the beautiful newly renovated Phoenix Symphony Hall, was a sold out show with a record audience of over 2,300 people in attendance. And boy what a treat it was! Right from the get go the audience was electrified with a performance that left them dazzled and in awe of Sonu Nigam’s talent and his ability to entertain audiences of all ages with his singing, dancing and showmanship.

He showed the audience that he was indeed the consummate performer with his singing, dancing and showmanship.

It was a treat for the full house audience who came- solid 4 and 1/2 hours of non-stop entertainment! The show truly lived to its name and was indeed a musical explosion- something the Valley had not seen before.

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